Imrc celebrates its 5th year since its establishment in 2006. In this period the social, cultural, and industrial circumstances of manga have changed in many ways. The scope of the use of manga in education spread, and the international passion for manga research heightened too. Based on the experiences and the trust we built over the last five years, we have decided to continue our contribution to society by means of manga in the form of a Think Tank project. With imrc researchers at its core, it aims at the following:

Consulting on manga

Presenting organizations like governments and enterprises with models of manga’s cultural and industrial operationality.

Event planning and management

Planning and executing a range of events such as exhibitions, lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Pedagogic Consulting

Supporting the development of teaching methods and educational materials related to manga as well ascurriculum designs and dispatching lecturers.

Conducting research and drafting reports

Imrc researchers publish manga-related papers, reports, and articles based on their investigations.

トップページ シンクタンク